This is what a Super Saturday Session looks like

The week 2 Super Saturday Session was the same as the first week. I struggled with some of it last week, the skipping in particular. There was a lot of skipping! I felt like I had hit my limit when I had done about 50 skips and the thought of getting to 200 skips was daunting, let alone 200 skips six times over! So last week, I did about 180 skips in each set as I felt I couldn’t manage any more than that.

This week I have improved. I managed to do every single skip. 1,200 skips! Between each set of skipping were other exercises – mostly variations of pushups with 3 sets of 15 reps. I wore a heart rate monitor linked to the Endomondo Andriod app while doing the session so now I can show you, in heart rate terms, what the session looked like:

This is what a Super Saturday Session looks like

Heart rate during a Super Saturday Session

A small rise in heart rate at the start as I warmed up, then three little spikes as I did 3 sets of 15 repetitions of the strength exercises (or maybe a few less than 15 for some of the exercises…), followed by a big increase as I did those killer skips. And yes, I think I did start taking longer rest breaks between sets as I went on!

I love being able to see this sort of feedback.

One thought on “This is what a Super Saturday Session looks like

  1. cassmob says:

    Yikes! This looks scary! Back to the laptop for me🙂

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