This is what a Super Saturday Session looks like

The week 2 Super Saturday Session was the same as the first week. I struggled with some of it last week, the skipping in particular. There was a lot of skipping! I felt like I had hit my limit when I had done about 50 skips and the thought of getting to 200 skips was daunting, let alone 200 skips six times over! So last week, I did about 180 skips in each set as I felt I couldn’t manage any more than that.

This week I have improved. I managed to do every single skip. 1,200 skips! Between each set of skipping were other exercises – mostly variations of pushups with 3 sets of 15 reps. I wore a heart rate monitor linked to the Endomondo Andriod app while doing the session so now I can show you, in heart rate terms, what the session looked like:

This is what a Super Saturday Session looks like

Heart rate during a Super Saturday Session

A small rise in heart rate at the start as I warmed up, then three little spikes as I did 3 sets of 15 repetitions of the strength exercises (or maybe a few less than 15 for some of the exercises…), followed by a big increase as I did those killer skips. And yes, I think I did start taking longer rest breaks between sets as I went on!

I love being able to see this sort of feedback.

Pre-season is coming

Only two days until the pre-season of the 12wbt program starts then a month before it kicks of for real. My family has been supportive, although the kids really don’t know what it is I’m about to do. I say that they have been supportive because my 6 year old wants nothing more than to come with me when I go for a run. I’m trying to work out a way I can have him along with me but all I’ve come up with is to head to a school oval so he can run or play or whatever while staying in my sight, but the idea of going around and around an oval is so boring.

I’m hoping to get out for another run tonight, but it’s been such a hot windy day I’m not sure I’ll try to do it in this weather. If not tonight, then I will definately get up early tomorrow to head out. I’m enjoying the Zombies, Run! app and don’t want to lose momentum.


The festive season is not helping my eating habits, but I have been able to increase the exercise I’m doing.

Last week I started using the Zombies, Run! 5k Training app. It’s a couch to 5k type program, with the added incentive of Zombies chasing you. So far I have only encountered one fairly slow moving Zombie, but I do enjoy the work out. I should make it clear, running is not and has never been my thing (even back in the day when I was quite fit) so something that makes me look forward to running before I have reached a level of fitness to enjoy it is a very good thing.

Not such a good thing – I took some before photos on New Years Day. The front and side views were about what I expected -pretty bad! – but it was the back view that shocked me. I haven’t really seen myself from behind like that before. I had just never really thought of my back as a part of me that could look overweight, but it does.
I’ve no plans at this stage to post up the before pictures. Maybe at the end of the program when I’m looking fabulous, or maybe just as a silhouette version. We’ll see.

Warm up

Ten years ago I was in reasonably good shape. Two children and a bit of life in general later, I could use some work. So, I’ve joined Michelle Bridges 12 week body transformation in time for 2013 Round 1.

12WBT is currently in ‘Warm up’ phase. I’ve not yet seen the diet and exercise programs that I’ll be facing when it kicks off for real in the new year.

I’m excited to get started. I remember how I felt 10 years ago when I was in better shape and I’m excited by the prospect of feeling that way again.